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Our Truffle Farm

(since 2018)

* one of the largest truffle farm in Australia
* we had planted around 10,000 host trees of french oak
* we only produce the top Black Winter Truffles (Tuber melanosporum)

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Black Winter Truffle

Black Winter Truffle

(Tuber melanosporum)

* One of the most expensive truffle in the world 
* Lives associated to the roots of some host trees
* Firm,solid,whitish at first,becoming purplish-black at maturity
* Marbled with numerous,thin,white,branching veins when mature
* Smell strong,distinctive and surprising

French Oak

* One of the favoured truffle host trees 
* The trees have been inoculated with truffle fungi when seedlings
* The wood used in making premium wine casks
* All our trees have certification from ATGA

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truffle recipea

Benefits of truffles

* Slow down the ageing process
* Control blood sugar
* Protect the liver from damage
* May help kill cancer cells
* May help reduce inflammation throughout your body

Benefits of truffles
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